Can't queue for Shadowlands Dungeonsq

They don’t appear in the specific list, nor for random. I need to join them for quests.

Speaking to Chromie in main city does nothing, there is no option for shadowlands.

I am stuck with BFA dungeons.

That is basically an ilvl requirement problem. I just leveled my priest (67 now) and also was only able to run BFA dungeons. When i got into DF at lvl 60 i got the DF dungeons in the list but wasn’t allowed to queue for them since my ilvl was too low…

Hes asking for SL Dungeons, not DF Dungeons.
@OP, sadly this seems to have been an issue since DF launch and Blizzard never even bothered to address it, let alone fix it. If you are above level 60 you can solo these Dungeons easily though, so you could try that instead.

The idea is you level to 50 in chromie/BFA. After that you go to Shadowlands for 50-60. It is an ilvl issue you can not queue for SL dungeons.

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Well this is rubbish then. I paid for shadowlands. Shouldn’t matter that I never played it, I’m trying to play some of it now, so I should be able to play the content :confused:

This has been an issue thats been going on since DF launch. Theres multiple threads on this on us forums, the problem is not ilvl. The problem is that the whole option to queue is simply not there at all.
If the problem was ilvl than you could try and queue and it would tell you your ilvl isnt high enough.

I dont know if you care about actual mechanics and seeing the Dungeons but i am very much willing to take you through the Dungeons so you can complete your quests if you dont mind stuff dying in one or 2 hits.

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