Can't refer a friend

Having the same issue. Have not seen anything anywhere at all! Also just tweeted @BlizzardCSEU_EN about it.


Same problem, I hope Blizzard will solve this soon.


Same issue here, made a ticket. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.


Blizzard please FIX this! my friends are getting bored waiting to play! they have tried most of the classes they like! I’m running out of ideas to make this commitment interesting to them.


Same tried to refer a friend yesterday took 20minutes to get a code to refer with and then when he gets the code it aint working. Please fix this.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the reports!

Something is definitely not working as it should here and the issue is under investigation currently.

The support article for this can be found here:

At the moment it doesn’t reflect the current issue under investigation, but in case the problem can’t be resolved quickly, will be updated with more information as it becomes available.

Thanks again for the reports!


Same Problem, finally convincing someone to just have them be dissappointed “it doesnt even work” is kinda meh^^


So is it getting fixed soon? Thought it was just yesterday, but the problem still exists.


same , i managed to convience my friend to try wow since we get a new leveling experience and he gets the error: “we can not verify your eligibility for this promotion at this time” while he never played wow before


Same problem here.
I hope its fixed before my friend’s 7-day grace period ends…


Is there any update on this issue?
I was waiting for pre-patch in order to recruit a few friends to WoW but they get the same error.
I hope it gets fixed soon.


Thank god you guys are on top of the Refer-A-Friend issue, makes me feel better that your servers are a complete joke and you’ve got hundreds, maybe thousands, of people who cant log in, good to know where the priorities lie.

2nd day and still not fixed. hope not too long before my friend looses all interest


3rd day for me


If we would start playing now with friend, would the benefits be applied retrospectively after the fix?


From info I’ve received from GM - if your refered friend adds gametime - you will not be able to get RaF bonuses :frowning: Have the same situation - waiting for 3 days now


This is just wrong. Fixing THIS should be your top priority Blizzard. You’re huge corporation after all. I know that you don’t care about your products quality and server capacity anymore, but at least act like a greedy company you became lately and let us get you new paying customers.

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Thanks for your response.

Someone posted in this thread that a GM said that if our friends add game time, they are no longer eligible for RaF.

However, in view of this unexpected error, surely it is unreasonable for Blizzard to expect that our friends hang around for days waiting to play a game they just bought!

Please make an exception to that stupid rule - which is not even stated on the RaF webpage ( .

And if that GM made an error in interpretation, s/he clearly needs better training and/or spectacles/sleep.

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My friend has the same problem. I even asked him to install the game in the morning in the hope everything would work better then, but no luck with the RAF-link.


I’ve been checking the article regularly and it always get updated every few hours

But we cannot see any real update in the article itself

Is Blizzard lying on the update time to make us think the information is new?

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