Can't refer a friend

Any update on this issue?


Hello Blizzard… Can we please get an update on this?
Also, I have this Blizzard account from a long time ago but have never played retail… am I eligible for recruit a friend? Because my friend is in the game and I am waiting for this issue to get fixed… Need some info, please.


I have the same problem.


So basically, the one time per expansion where you might actually be able to recruit a friend… and the servers and recruit-a-friend system are completely broken.

Sweet. Good thing Wrathion sold a backpack because it doesn’t look like I’m getting the recruit-a-friend one anytime soon.

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I can confirm this, I already used a RaF link on an account after adding game time to it and it worked.

The only things that matter is the time when the account was created / re-activated.


can confirm this , same problem here.
please fix this asap


4th day for me


same. Please fix this.


I resubbed especially to RAF

Will I get 4 days of subscription back @blizzard?


Same problem.
I invited a friend 3 days ago and he couldn’t accept invitation due to this error(


Hello everyone,

As there is no immediate solution for this in sight at the moment, we have implemented a temporary process where support will be able to help manually set up recruit a friend links.

Before you proceed, please make sure that the account in question is eligible to be recruited, ie:

  • Was created in the last 7 days OR
  • Has not had any active game time for the last 24 months

Note that the veteran account doing the recruiting needs to have active game time.

Then ask the recruit to contact us via this link, taking care to include all the information requested in the form.

Please note that I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to help in every case, but we’ll do everything we can to resolve this for eligible players.

I know some of you have been waiting a long time already and are eager to get up and running, so thank you for your patience and we hope to have you playing with your friends shortly now!


As nice as this solution is, with ticket waiting times of 3-4 days it’s kinda ridicoulus, my friend’s gonna have to make a new account in order to play the game :confused:

Thank you for your response.
I have one question though, does it mean the recruits can start playing and contacting through this form will manually link the accounts later?

Or will they have to stay put and not add game time (for recurring players) until the issue is resolved?


A GM fixed this for me (thanks btw). I described below how this was fixed. Note: this was for a 24-month inactive account, not a new account.

The process:

  1. Fill in the form that was mentioned by Tyrskorn.
  2. DO NOT activate the inactive subscription just yet.
  3. Wait until you get a GM response (for me it took about 5 hours).
  4. GM mentioned that the accounts had been manually linked.
  5. (probably optional: re-log-in to the game to see in friends tab that they are indeed linked)
  6. Reactivate subscription.
  7. Profit
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It worked the same for me and my friend with his new account.

I followed the instructions and i got a generic gm reply …

Same thing here, my fiend sent the support ticket last night, over night he had gotten a reply to have both of us log in and me to check the raf tab, and nothing.

Hi, I’m getting the same issue, my friend sent me his link friendcode and its not working for me and 2 other friends, please explain and can you manually fix this for us as I want to buy the subscription

Hi all,

Just a quick update: We recently deployed a hotfix to address this issue. Could I please ask that anyone who had trouble linking eligible accounts before give it another try now and let us know in this thread?

If you are able to successfully link now and also had an active ticket in for it, of course feel free to cancel it.


Works for me.

Same ref-link for the same friend that threw an error before works now.