Can't subscribe to wow


" Heads up!

Something went wrong. Select another payment method or try again later."

Trying to resub to classic by card, can’t. Is there some other way to subscribe with card?


There was similar post about someone who wanted to resub with old card but couldn’t, try to remove your card completely, and add it again and then try.

(Trovlak) #3

It might not be relevant, but if you are in the UK, UK banking laws changed recently.

All online payments are required to implement a 2FA system (2 factor authentication).

Basically you try and make a CNP (card not present) payment, the retailer will request the funds from your bank. Your bank will then SMS a 4 digit code to your registered mobile, or in the case of Barclays, create a PINSentry challenge request…

You then have to input that SMS code (or the PINSentry response code) into the Verified by Visa/Mastercard page, in order to authorize the transaction.

However, a lot of people have out-of-date or even outright fake mobile phone numbers, coupled with a lot of retailers not implementing the system correctly, the result is a lot of failed payments.



Just wanted to note that Sunbreakers suggestion can most often help out, but Trovlak has some great information in addition to that.

As a general note, always make sure that your information is up to date. If you continue to encounter issues, go through the steps listed here or try using a different payment method.

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