Cant unlock a locked boosted char

Hi there,

I made a mistake and bought the wrong version of the new expansion. I used the boost on my main character but later realized my error. I reached out to support, got a refund, but my character got locked, and I was told to use a boost to unlock it. I bought the correct version, got another boost, but now I’m getting an error when trying to unlock my character. My support ticket has been open for over 15 hours, and I can’t find a live chat or phone number for support. I just want to play this weekend with my character unlocked. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Telephone support was terminated because people were apparently abusing it, and demanding things that were outside of support scope.

Live chat will only be offered for problems where live chat is appropriate, after working through the support menus. Again, tightly restricted because people were abusing it to demand things outside of support scope, apparently.

For everything else there are automated systems, and GM tickets. A 15hr wait is quite normal. I’ve had tickets with wait times measured in days.

Did I say, anywhere, that its “Okay”?

I merely explained to him why there was no telephone or livechat anymore, and that a 15 hr ticket queue is quite normal by Blizzards standards.

My own opinions of it being okay or not okay, are totally irrelevant.

Sorry, got yea, I just wanna play and I’m suck for two days and hoping not to get into the weekend like that.

Hey Untoldstory,

I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to unlock your character yourself (you should be able to with a new Boost). If you have made a ticket, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible (the wait time at the moment should be less than a day).

Thank you for your patience! :pray:


Does a replaying to a ticket that a GM opened is the same waiting time as unanswered ticket?

Replying to a ticket bumps you up the queue, so you shouldn’t need to wait as long as your first ticket. :slight_smile: