Cant use enhanced level 70 boost and support is horrible

I’ve tried talking to customer support regarding my problem with the enhanced level 70 boost, you apperently cant use it on a character thats already level 70 but it never says that you cant.

link to limitations and restrictions from blizzard:

Im back to wow after some time and bought the dragonflight expansion and got the enhanced level 70 boost as a bonus.

I first leveled an alliance character to level 40 and unlocked Kul’tiran race, then started over on a death knight because I wanted to learn all the new stuff that blizzard added sience BFA (last time I played)

I had no plan to boost a character to level 70 I wanted the boost to earn some renowned levels and get some gear and goodies at max level, if I knew I would have used it at level 69.

Now it feels like the support is mocking me and telling me that I cant boost past level 70 and for some reason the last guy thought that I wanted to remove my authenticator out of nowhere.

I’ve played on and of sience 2008 and I’ve had some interactions with customer support before but this is the first time I’m really upset with the interaction.

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