Can't use "Gavel of the First Arbiter"

Hi. I can’t use “Gavel of the First Arbiter” weapon ability with my macro while “Dark Transformation” on cd.

/cast Dark Transformation
/use Gavel of the First Arbiter

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Equip “Gavel of the First Arbiter”
  2. In combat use “Dark Transformation”
  3. While “Dark Transformation” on cd, try to use macro
  4. Nothing happens

The most surprising thing is that the macro works properly if “Dark Transformation” isn’t on cd.

Cool, thanks for telling us!

But you would really be better reporting it as a bug, which can only be done from within the game, not on the forums.

Forum staff are not on the QA team, and are not allowed to forward bug reports made on the forums to the QA team. The In-Game bug reporting tool will send your report directly to the QA team.

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