Carnage Inc - seeking familiar faces

Hey all,

If you’ve stumbled upon this post then I’m hoping you were at one point in time a member of Carnage Inc.

We started our wow journey back in 2009 on Saurang Alliance, later moving to Horde Draenor then finally Silvermoon Alliance.

My main use to be called Michelemarie, a mage. And later name changed to Shell.
My other half and is Tapps, a warrior or you May remember him from Krucious his Dk… though he has many other toons.

The reason for my post is for the sake of nostalgia… I’d love to get in touch with some old guildies and reminisce.

So if you remember me/us then I’d love to hear from you.

Either reply below or add me on btag: Shell#2116


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