**Carrot on a Stick** - Horde PvE (Drama free, pro guild)

Carrot on a Stick - Horde EU (Drama free Pve Guild)

We are looking for skilled and active raiders to join us. Our key value is being skilled and loyal! You have to be loyal to your guild as our guild aims to be always rewarding loyal players!

You are;

  • A dedicated pro raider with Vanilla Raid Experience or another remarkable pve/pvp activities on other expansions
  • Mature (No age restrictions)
  • A skilled pro player for your character
  • Expected to attend main raids on Wednesday or Thursday and Sunday GMT+4 19.00 - 24.00 (We don’t expect 5 hours MC runs can start late or finish early). These will be our core raid times.
  • Punctual
  • Loyal to our guild
  • Not selfish and causing problems intentionally

Why us?

  • I started playing WoW on May 12 2005 and farmed Rank 11 with my Warrior @ Jaedanar EU horde / and another rank 11 with my Shaman @ Dentarg EU horde. We collected many realms first achievements and farmed MC/BWL/ZG/AQ. My old guild disbanded just before Naxx and I quit.
  • Our rooster already have old high rank pvpers (rank11-14) / former raiders / BFA mythic progressers / m+ maniacs and ofc as the spirit of vanilla we are always open for any exceptional player who has what it takes!
  • Our current average age is 30
  • We have immunity to ninja loots and we will not let it happen. (Our ex GM in vanilla disbanded the guild after getting thunderfury… and even I personally quit wow when Naxx released due to a ninja loot distribution)
  • We are NOT a group of friends in guild leadership who will pass the loots to our friends.
  • We are NOT going to gear boost anyone (ex: giving all the gear to specific person)
  • We are NOT going to be a shelter for unskilled players. We expect you to be skilled as every other pro raider in the guild.

Loot System:

We are going to use DKP. As we think it is more fair.

Who Am I?

I am 31 and married for 6 years. I am currently working in one of the top IT companies yet playing PC games in a competitive level is my biggest hobby.

We are currently recruiting exceptional players.
If you think you are eligible you can add me from discord Actn3#5166 or Battle Net Actn#1569


What was your character on Dentarg? I played on Jaedenar and Dentarg in vanilla/tbc too :wink:

Was Angerfist your GM?

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Actnzy Tauren shaman and I dont really remember which GM was on dentarg :slight_smile:

OMG! Yes, Angerfist was my GM :D. Destruction, shaman healer. Also raided in Perfektion for some time. Good memories popped up.