Castsequence Macro sometimes get stuck!

Let me start with explaining that i use this Macro for Years and i got some “workarounds” figured out. But since Shadowlands this Macro is getting stuck more and more often.
I play on a German Client but i even once tried it on an english Client . didnt help. Spelling of casts is correct.
So this is my Macro:

/cast [nostance:1] Bärengestalt
/castsequence reset=combat,5 Zerfleischen, Hauen, Prankenhieb, Prankenhieb
/cast Eisenfell

Just in case here is the english one :

/cast [nostance:1] Bear Form
/castsequence reset=combat,5 Mangle, Thrash, Swipe, Swipe
/cast Ironfur

At some points it gets stuck after Thrash and wont Swipe at all. so i end up waiting for ThrashCD
the Bearform, Ironfur and Reset part are working as normal.

These are the Events at wich it sometimes happening:
Changing Specs; Joining Arena; Battlefields or Dungeonfinder (e.g. if i queue as heal and join as Tank); After leaving Torghast (when i swaped Talents inside the run); Worldquests where i control an NPC etc…

doing a /reload or restarting the game always fixes the Prolem and it works Perfect Again.

here comes the Wierd part: when i do /m and edit the macro:

… Thrash, Swipe, Swipe
… Thrash, Swipe, Swipe,

it sometimes fixes the problem… and when it stucks next time i swap it back .
it sometimes dont happens for weeks but at other days i need to /reload after every arena.
Maybe anyone can help me with new ideas or even a solution!

try reset=number instead…
i asume then your computer does the math.
with combat its a handshakeprogress wich can lag

reset=combat/5 means reset on combat or when you have not pressed the button for 5s.

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