Casual & relaxed raiding guild


The Varangian Guard is now recruiting to fill up our raid team!

Realm/ Faction - Silvermoon / Alliance


Uldir - N 8/8, H 8/8, M 2/8
BoD - N 9/9, H 9/9, M 2/9
CoS - N 2/2, H 2/2

Raid days/time - Friday and Sunday 19-22 ST (Quit earlier on Sunday)

Who are we?

We are a semi casual, friendly and mature guild that loves progression but not more then we love enjoying our time in great and fun company. Most of us are long term friends from as far back as in classic/vanilla times. But we have picked up a few very appreciated people the last months that we count ourselves very lucky to have met. Our age range from 16 to 40 but most of us are around 27 years. Some of us raided together back in the very end of Legion already and we have together gotten our curves each raid and had fun while doing so. We have dipped our toes into mythic but noticed the struggles when you need to fill up spots with new pugs every time. Thus the recruiting for Crucible of Storms!

Why choose us?

We care about every single person in the guild, even our new ones. This is why we recruit slowly and try to learn to know people before expanding further. We dont want like some guilds that the core just play with the core, we want everybody to feel like they are just as much of a valued guild member as the rest of us. You will be treated fairly and get help to achieve your weekly keys and anything else you might want company for. We try to provide feasts/flasks for raids to the extent it works and we have a 0 drama tolerance policy. We do accept that people can have a bad day every now and then though. But toxicity is not our thing :slight_smile: We take raiding and progression seriously without the need for yelling or finger pointing. Mistakes happen and we tend to laugh at them :slight_smile:

Who are you?

You may be a recently returned wow player or completely new to wow. What we values the most is the personality and to find somewhat like minded people to share our community with. We do appreciate if you read up on tacts and possibly watch videos before raids. But if you find it difficult to catch on you dont have to worry. We do have a raid leader going trough the important points before the boss fights. Worked for us while clearing heroic last raids and also in mythic. So dont feel any pressure. What we ask from you is to enjoy the game to the fullest and doing so with a positive attitude. And that if you want to join as a potential Raider we hope that you can join most of our raids unless things come up in real life of course. And in that case if possible, tell as soon as possible :slight_smile:

A tank is extra wanted. One of ours wanna dps! If anybody is interested in Raid leading that would be interesting to talk further about, but no promises!! we like our Raid leader!! :3

If this post sounds interesting to you then you are more then welcome to get in touch to talk a bit more :slight_smile: Come join the fun!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Battletag - QuietSummer#2314