Cataclysm portals wont unlock

After selecting the Cataclysm expansion from Chromie, there is no way to access the portals. The initial quest that takes you to Farseer Krogar in Orgrimmar is missing. I am trying this on my level 27Horde Death Knight.

Also, trying to report this in game is impossible as your report a bug feature keeps taking me to the US forums where it says I need a level 10 character to report, so posting it here!

Cataclysm zones are level 30+ since they require flying.

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Yeah, some people don’t realise you have to be level 30 or higher to do Cataclysm content.

I tested this myself recently and there were no quests in Mount Hyjal at level 29, it was an older character that had flying from before the SL changes.

To be fair, Chromie should not offer it to lower than 30 characters in my opinion.

Maybe they can’t put a conditional in the box?

Anyway I am sure I posted in another thread about this last week.

Edit: Ah, it was moved to Quests and achievements.

Well Cataclysm includes the classic zones which were revamped in Cata and have storylines from that timeline.