Cataclysm Time walking

Replacing Grim Batol with Blackrock Caverns was a mistake. I don’t understand what Blizzard were thinking. People get one shotted and at the 1st boss at 2nd boss they let adds to spawn…

players compleet dum dum or dont know boss 1 boss kill chain before he does spin ting sec boss dont go over stack players transfoms intro 1 drake pretty simple rest sound like u had dum dum group or players new dungen explain tack to them right ?

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ok? and where is the problem? :smiley:
cause you can solo it as tank just put azerite neckless and cloak from BFA
thank me later

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i think the fire boss is much more fun where you can just wipe the group by letting him stand in the fire for 3 seconds :smiley:

Learn the hard way…

Why must I carry the group? When I queued I did not sign up for that :speak_no_evil:

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