Celebrate 16 Years of World of Warcraft!

Did they turn on the raid bosses?

There’s no raid.

Quest done in an other year are not reset so nothing to do.
PVP match for the anniversary is not working so yet again nothing to do.

If this is how your implementing stuff from now on then maybe delay SL a bit more please.

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That’s a shame.

Missing Zandalar and Kultiras on that map

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horde queue seems to be average wait 8 minutes but it goes above that

fair warning the groups in lfg for korrak only go for the named npc

even if you get in korraks the lag is like 4 raids in nazjatar battle insane lag

Is this an out of season April’s fools joke?


Maybe post a updated map instead of a outdated one.

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Forgive me but how do I even get to the raid?

Gone to the Caverns. Handed in the quest. Chromie want talk to me, and I can’t see the quest name in LFR.

Do indeed to go somewhere else?

Thank you.

What raid?

I thought the Memories of Azeroth Raid would be available again this year.

I have the quest in my log…I just can’t find out how to get into the darn raid.

I think he means the Chromie one we had with past expansion bosses.

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Yes. That’s the one.

No raid just Korrak pvp event in Alterac and you can’t even enter since it’s bugged :rofl:

There’s no raid. Only the AV pvp.

I remember last year we could just queue up for it by talking to Chromie, she doesn’t have that option this time oddly enough O_o

I was hoping that would be back but with out the Deathwing mount. Maybe they’ll switch it on again.

Ah perhaps it’s a bug the I have the quest then.

It called The Originals, want me to kill Lord Kazzak, Azuregos and Dragon of Nightmare.

So…this is pretty borked then. :thinking:

No, this is fine. They are world bosses.

That’s the outdoor raid bosses. There was LFR version of some old raid bosses ending with the LK. Defile… I still remember

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