Celebrating The Burning Crusade with Timewalking

We’re really pleased to have announced The Burning Crusade Classic at BlizzConline, so we’ve decided to enable Burning Crusade Timewalking.

Starting very early Wednesday morning (in this region) and running for one week, Burning Crusade Timewalking will be live in World of Warcraft, in addition to other events already on the calendar.

Take a picture when you loot those warglaives!


nightborne customization when


Make Warglaive legendary transmogable by everyone who earned them, not just Demon Hunters. Thanks


You tell them Nightevo


Cool, that’s nice, now give Allied Races more customization.


Make time walking permanent instead of monthly rotation.


With the amount of times you’ve cancelled TBC timewalking it’s about time…


I’d take pictures if you would give customization to the Nightborne better.


wow this is nice finally

Warglaives of Azzinoth were a Rogue weapon. DH’s didn’t even exist then, so why are they even allowed them!?


Undead options when?

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Damn, and people wonder why community managers barely communicate on these forums. They announce something people whined about for a long time, and the only time they get is whining about something else immediately. That’s pathetic at best.


wooohooooo yeah

Yeah you tell me how you will feel when the race you love and play lacks so many features so you gather with the community in mature way, suggest ideas, make artworks etc for 3 years just to all of it to be ignored while other races get 50 new customization options

We won’t remain silent until blizzard mention that there is a problem with nightborne customization and they will work on it, now it feels like they forgot we even exist in this game

and this is the problem that this exact lack of communication results in, if blizzard would at least acknowledge our problem we wouldn’t search other ways to “whine” and get their attention

They remove TBC timewalking: “blizz I want my glaives stop canceling it.”

They bring back TBC timewalking: “where are my customizations? give other classes glaives.”

And people wonder why they don’t communicate with us. It’s impossible for them to be in the right.

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we have our own nightborne thread about customization that has been up more than half a year

not even a word from blizzard, now it creates a problem where we need to fight our way just to get their attention because they don’t even acknowledge the existing problem

tbc timewalking seems cool though, i ain’t complaining about that

That explains why TBC Timewalking disappeared from the calendar entirely! :blush:

You mean derail other topics? Like I said they don’t communicate because it’s a lose-lose situation. If the outcome is a slap to the face no matter the course of action I’d stay silent too.

i don’t think any of us, at least as far the nightborne customization stuff will get mad about it, actually the opposite

i would really appreciate to hear that they know its been an issue and at least mention they will work on it, this is all our goal

and sadly yeah… our feedback haven’t worked in our own threads, so what else we can do to at least communicate with them?

ah yes timewalking for that amazing ilvl 148 gear that is completely pointless