Certain specs fun detected, nerfed asap, while

Recent hotfix, which changed some corruption effects that scaled from ap or spellpower, reduced dmg and proc change.

I understand that infinite star and tentacle were broken and stuff, must be nerfed.

But why lash of the void? Iwas rly looking forward that finally, and now they rekt it too…

At the moment, when enha or similar other “non meta broken spec” have a chance to shine finally in this xpac… nerfed down asap.

At this point, basically why dont just remove the specs you hate blizzard?

Logs tell everything…

ah well, problem was people started to downgrade items just for those corruptions, becuse they where that good, and just scrapped high level items, or removed the corruption beucse it didnt have right one

Because the effects make the already meta specs even more broken?
They have to nerf corruption even more imo

I just wanet to say, that while meta specs never nerfed to the ground, they are still op, even without corruption, but now when non-meta specs also get a chance, nerf asap. Thats my only problem…

It wasn’t nerfed like infinite star which received two -25% nerfs tho

It should still be broken despite the current nerf, it just prevents WQ items from being completely OP.

Edit :

What makes you think that a non meta spec would outshine a meta spec while using the exact same ability ?

There is a reason procs like this were limited mostly to trinkets and weapons.

This patch will show us why.

They nerfed proc chance, removed ap scale, so its nerfed hard…

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