Chain mace

Hi Guys,
Like in title, does anyone knows any chain maces and where to find those in WoW? I was searching through one-hand weapons on wowhead but could not found any… only swords, axes, hammer or classic maces. Seeking for some help :slight_smile:

It’s called a flail. And there are only 2 flail models in the game. One is for protection warriors and the other one is for protection paladins. Unfortunately you can’t get them anymore. You had to play during Legion expansion becasue they are artifact appearances that were obtainable from Mage Tower challenges. This content has been since removed.

I still hope there will be more simpler flails from leveling or dungeon or raid content in the future.

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Oh that’s a pity. Although the one for warrior wasn’t great imho anyway. Thanks for reply, shared the same hope as you then :slight_smile:

Warrior legion artifact shield has chain mace like looks.

Check this guy weapon mog.

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