Chains of domination Campaign on Alts?


I have done all the Chains of domination Campaign on my main. So i have the achievment.
Now im leveling an alt, did the covenant campaign again, now, is it any value of doing the CoD story again?

I can´t remember if it had any value except the lore. I have renown 60 on the alt.

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I haven’t even done it on my main, so probably not

Unless you wanna re-experience the story i guess

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I cant remember if i got any items, gold or renown or something thats why i asked. I dont feel like i need to re-do the lore:)

Idk about the later stages but the first few open new open world content (elite WQ + 1 daily iirc) and you’ll forever be slightly behind in renown if you don’t do it.

But in 9.1.5 you’ll be able to instantly skip it with your alts anyway, and get the related rewards. (Can’t skip the 9.0 campaign if you did it on another covenant iirc)

Edit : Yup there’s 1 renown & 500 anima per chapter.


Ok then i say its worth it!

only if its the same covenant as your main right?

The 9.1 storyline is unrelated to your covenant afaik so this shouldn’t apply. The idea should be to allow us to skip questlines we already did but encourage us to see all 4 9.0 storylines, especially in regards to what happens later on…

I mean I skipped the kyrian covenant and then in 9.1 it seems like a bunch of kyrian NPCs are suddenly friend with him and try to help… Definitely missed something there & I guess Blizz don’t want us to skip it altogether.

I think you need to do the first few chapters to get Bonesmith Heirmir to show up as a vendor. Beyond that - it’s just free renown levels, there’s nothing to it.

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I still haven’t done the last chapter lol not that bothered xD

You can skip it, but then you loose out on some stygian embers, as far as I can tell. If your alt isn’t going to raid, or if you don’t care much about upgrading dom sockets, then you don’t loose anything valuable if you skip.

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Isnt there also a covenant specific mount after finishing the chapter that rewards flying? If you care about mounts.

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Well thats around renown 45 or something im now at 61 with that char so.

Thought u had to do the campaign for the mount, guess i was wrong :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Well i dont think so for alts, But ive done the covenant campaign on the alt aswell as have the renown so everything is unlocked.

There is a soft cap on Renown, so your alts will be behind max renown by the number of chapters you have not done. Once we get past 80, you should be able to catch up though.

Afaik, the 9.1.5 campaign skip only applies to the 9.0 Covenant campaign.

You do unlock dailies and weeklies from earlier chapters, yes, but once you’ve unlocked the weekly Maw quest then you can stop iirc.

Quick update :

It does not clearly state that 9.1’s campaign is included. I dearly hope it is tho.

That said you should at the very least do the first two chapters after establishing the base for bonesmith & his additional daily (even if you ignore it it’s always nice to have more choice, in particular for the tmog set pieces) and the next for the forsworn weekly elite WQ near the WB.

Beyond that it’s just 1 renown and 500 anima per chapter.

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You do not. I have alts that have the renown mount, and haven’t even unlocked Korthia. The mount is a renown reward, not a quest reward.

Ok, thought it was a quest reward. Good to know, wont have to do it on any of my kyrians then (and i regret going through that part of the campaign on other alts :joy:).

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