*challenge* love pvp? want to make some quick gold? read more

Hello Firemaw ppl. It is Bigbody. I come before you today to lay down a challenge only fit for the hardest working players on this server. Yes, the ones willing to break bracket and take standing 1, like myself.

I am offering 1000 gold to each and every player who can complete the grind and achieve standing 1 during any given week. It has started so you can get grinding if you are interested. If you need any info on caps for bracket 1 and 2(so you know how high you need to go) and i can provide that to you just /w Bigbody ingame.

Get that 100% mount baby :smiley:

Take what’s rightfully yours

See ya on the german servers in a couple months


Good gold per hour bro

can u pay in advance pls I need gold

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