Change request: On use trinket with bad visual design


Not sure where we as users are supposed to give real feedback/bug reports/change requests etc. so I will post it here.

I came across a bit of a faulty design of a trinket.
The trinket is called Overflowing Anima Cage.
When it is used you can place a circle on a location with a mouse click (preferably on your party members).

If I ask you what kind of color is associated with danger and harmful effects?
Red is the answer of course.

Well, the trinket gives a critical strike buff if you stand in the circle that is provided. The problem is that the circle is red, so instinctively people take a few steps to get out of the circle.

The circle should be designed with another color or something that makes it appealing to stand in.

I do understand that there is a “lore” to take into consideration, and it’s an anima cage with red stuff in it and so on, but it should be redesigned.

ggwp, big love from me to you

You could try the feedback/suggestions option ingame.

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You give feedback in game, see screenshot:

The forum staff have no ability to collect feedback, or suggestions.


Thx guys, I shall try it :slight_smile: