Changes in 10.0.5 to Item Upgrades

We have a few adjustments to item upgrades in patch 10.0.5 that we want to outline and clarify.

War Mode and Primal Storms gear are no longer upgraded by trading gear and upgrade currency (Trophies of Strife, Storm Sigils) at the previous vendors (Malicia in the Gladiator’s Refuge and Rethelshi in the Sapphire Enclave). These items now use the other item upgrade vendors that Valor, Honor, and Conquest gear have used, such as Corxian in the Gladiator’s Refuge.

War Mode and Primal Storms gear obtained at level 70 prior to this patch will still be upgradeable. However, War Mode gear obtained pre-level 70, before the patch, will not be upgradeable.

  • New pre-level 70 gear obtained after the 10.0.5 patch went live will be upgradeable.

There’s a bug fix in patch 10.0.5 to The Drakebreaker’s Breastplate. Before 10.0.5, it incorrectly cost 7 Trophies of Strife to upgrade. It now costs 10 Trophies of Strife to upgrade. This was done to make it consistent with other chest pieces.

It does not let me upgrade my Warmode weapon.

I just bought new one at the vendor, and it does not let me upgrade it.


i just tried to upgrade 2 pieces of the lvl 359 raging tempest armor and it says this item can no longer be upgraded


Same for me. Why even change something like that only to break it, Blizzard? WHO ASKED FOR THIS?


Really, who asked for this? another unnecessary change.
Meanwhile the selling point of this new patch isn’t here and the crafting orders are a mess. Change what is broken not what is working please.


Can no longer upgrade 359 blue items. So we who solo can not get gear for the catalysator thingy. Great job Blizz. Man i regret buying 1 year sub.


I upgraded some 359 stuff today then it stopped working.
On multiple characters, a mix of old and new gear (some bought pre patch, some post)

Wa a perfect for me getting the normal raid gear.

I don’t care about the stats, I just want the appearances.

Why did you take this away?

I think it is working now

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

What a fiasco, classic.

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I just bought a blue chest from primal storm currency and upgraded it to epic just now so i think we are all good and it was fixed surprisingly fast, thanks

But where does it show how many sigils are required to upgrade each 359 piece?

yes thats pretty frustrating from what i understand you have to first buy the blue piece then put it in the slot for upgrade then it shows how many

What? Whoever comes up with these ideas deserves an award, ‘Most Stupid Lame-Brained Pudding Head’ maybe.

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