Changing Covenant to Necro


I am planning to change covenant to Necro from Kyrian as it more viable. Anyone know how long it will take to get back up to where I am at (lvl 68 kyrian) and how long will it take. Still have to finish campaign on this. What level do I start necro?

You start on renown 1

dont’cha worry it’s quicker than you’d think, now that the cap is 74 this week if I remember? if you remove all the chapters renown, you remain with more than 60 you get extremely quickly by doing worldboss, dungeons, etc…and btw, leveling an alt : shaping fate quests and covenant lore quests initially gave me 4 renown at once each instead of 1, and then 2. in two days of game you will catch up

Don’t hesitate if you feel you’d enjoy more changing covenant, being meta kyrian sucks anyway ^^

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