Character falling into the void

So for the last… 4 DAYS… I’ve had an issue where my character clipped through the world - and is now indefinitely falling. Whenever I log in to that character, I’m immediately disconnected.

I attempted to use the Stuck character Service, but all I get is “there is an error processing your request, please submit a support ticket” - Despite multiple reports and tickets I had no help nor answers, I even tried to get contact them via twitter…

Has anyone figured out how to get this resolved? Just got a resub and you know I kind of wanna play the game instead of waiting…

When I get stuck on beta tests I sometimes find this has worked for me, turn all your settings down to 1. So that everything is low. Then try to log on the character, this sometimes helps the game to work out where you are. It may take a couple of goes. There is no guarantee though, it may just require GM intervention.

If you were advised to file a ticket, and you say you did, what response did you get from a GM? They should have been able to move the character for you.

You need to wait until they get to your ticket if doing what Punyelf suggests doesn’t work. I would also suggest disabling any addons when you try what they suggest.

4 working days is a long time even now to get an answer from your ticket, unless it’s over a weekend, oh wait…

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Following this thread, I am currently having the same issue. For almost a day my main has been stuck falling and I get disconnected right away when I try to log in. For me it happens in the south eastern part of Bastion, while trying to get the Sundancer rare. There is an area where I believe you are supposed to be teleported out.

I don’t mind the occasional bug, it can happen in a huge game like this. What I dislike is how hard it is to get it fixed.

I followed all the steps suggested, character unstuck self service also ends in an error message. You get an automatic reply on it that says you have to open a ticket, without a link. When you search for this specific issue, all you get is redirected into a loop of all the fixed I already tried, but nowhere do you end up on an option to actually open a ticket. It’s very frustrating, everything is a dead end. So I am very curious, where did you open a ticket? Could you maybe post a link to where you found that option?

What I tried else so far is a bug report. But it says right away it will be read, but no one will contact you about it, so that seems like a one-way street.
Yesterday I attempted to open a ticket for a quest bug, got an automatic reply and I reopened the ticket. The automatic reply stated that they were busy and it would take about 24h for someone to reply.

Please share your solution when it happens. Hang in there, or… is keep falling the right term here?