Character introductions for RP ingame

Name: Goldpaws, sometimes called “Goldie” by friends.


Appearance: Brown-golden fur and kind eyes. A youthful appearance with small horns but a large stocky frame.

Demeanor: Friendly and cheerful. Tries to be positive when things go sour. Generous!

Class: Druid specialised in healing.

Background: Mother died at childbirth and he grew up with his druidic father Goldfang. Together they traveled Kalimdor and his father, who mostly stayed in his big lion form, loved and cared for his only son and taught him the ways of nature. The way taught to their ancestors a long time ago by Cenarius. Goldie grew up to be a kind and curious tauren.

When his father tragically was killed by a band of roaming scourge in a cursed forest they were trying to heal, Goldpaws sought out Cairne Bloodhoof in Thunder Bluff to warn them and ended up joining the horde. Now he is finding his way in the more civilized world and exploring new horizons together with newfound friends and allies.

Hey guys and gals! Recently got this toon to 60 and thought I would sit down and think a little more about the characters backstory. Hopefully you want to post your stories aswell!

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Delightful initiative, Goldpaws! Here is my contribution:

Impression: This elven female with alabaster skin and long, silvery hair acts courteous with slight melancholy, but the curiosity in her eyes hints a mellow spirit. Residents of Winterspring will recognise her as the moon priestess Ithiluna Darkmoon and know that her family died during Third War. To most adventurers she is easily recognisable as a member of the Sisterhood of Elune, wearing practical robes made of exquisite white cloth. Artisan weavers and those familiar with kaldorei culture will know that the fabric is called mooncloth, a traditional elven weave that has been purified, blessed and bleached in a sacred moonwell. Despite her jovial approach to company there seems to be an underlying ardency and determination. Elune guides her path. :crescent_moon:

Inspiration: As a character Ithiluna Darkmoon is based on Kidagakash Nedakh (Cree Summer) from the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) and her musical theme is Starfall by Two Steps from Hell (2015).

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