Character randomly flung into the air

Occasionally, my character is getting randomly flung into the air and to the side/backwards about 20 feet while walking around. It can seemingly happen at any time. There is no sound effect, no particle effect, and nothing in the combat log. I’m not pressing any buttons - it can happen while auto-running with hands off the keyboard entirely.

It doesn’t cause damage but it does break stealth and often flings me into mobs I was sneaking past (it can also happen when no mobs are around).

It happened a couple of times earlier today in Dragon Isles with my Shaman, but has been happening a couple of times a minute with the rogue I’ve started to level, rendering it all but unplayable.

It’s from herbing, for example:-

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No, it isn’t. I’m levelling a new worgen rogue via Legion Timewalking.

It looks like it could potentially be traps on the ground? Perhaps you need to increase your graphics settings to see them? They show up on this video of the quest you’re currently doing:

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Legion content is very bugged atm.