Character realm Transfer - Mograine (Alliance)

Mograine Alliance is completly dead since a while ago and a lot of people, including me, are stucked there without any possibility to leave the realm, the only option right now is to pay a transfer to other realm, but for me and other people is not an option. With the next season coming in, I really hope they make free transfer available again, if not, I believe that a lot of people (not only from Mograine) will be stuck on dead servers without being able to play the game, which is really sad. I hope you can come to a solution.

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Yes, I think so too, its impossible to play as alliance here at the moment. Pls we need free transfers before next season or we won’t be able to play.

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We took a 15 man raid into Ogrimmar last night and farmed 500 kills and held a building in the drag for a couple of hours.

Mograine Alliance is pretty much dead but ‘Not a Bunch of Gankers’ is pretty much alive

34 active people (at ironforge) at the moment, pretty sad.

Agreed with this statement

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