Character Stuck Falling - Disconnects

Hey guys,

My warlock is stuck falling forever in Zereth Mortis but everytime I login it disconnects me instantly. I waited 15 minutes before logging back in and I’ve tried using the character stuck service but it just loads forever.

Any recommendations?


Should this still be ongoing, and the option to relocate the character via the website not resolve the issue: a quick ticket, submitted from any character on your account, would be highly appreciated. We’ll get this fixed ASAP. :slight_smile:

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Heya! I have precisely the same issue (wrath classic in Storm Peaks) - “unstuck character” didn’t help - I log in, fall down thru the floor for 1 second and get disconnected.

Just don’t know how to make a ticket : (

You can a raise a ticket through the Blizzard website here:

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