Character stuck falling in Drak'tharon keep, keep dcing

My character Pepparbiff on Mograine EU classic is stuck inside Drak’tharon keep falling. Everytime i try to log on i get disconnected and the self service unstuck doesn’t work. The page just loads forever.

tried disabling all addons removing cache wtf etc nothing works.

EDIT: Had a friend log in from his PC and it solved it. I could login like normal after.

Yeah, I’ve noticed the same thing, that on Wrath Classic, the self service page for stuck characters just… loads forever.

I reported it as a bug in game, as the forums don’t take bug reports. You should do the same.

I have the exact same problem right now. Disconnected when jumping into the water after last boss in Drak’Tharon Keep.

The character unstuck page just jumps back after clicking “Continue”

Edit: Fixed by waiting 15 minutes for the character to get moved to the dungeon entrance.

Same issue here… Just getting instantly dc after hitting the water and charachter stuck service wont load… Blizz literally useless.

Hey all,

Glad to hear most reported cases were resolved already by now.

For anyone still having issues, or for future occurrences, this page should have more info:

If the self-service move doesn’t load, it may be worth trying a different web browser as it definitely should be working at the moment.