Character Transfer Season of Discovery

Hey. Because the Server Chaos-Bolt was recommended as RP-PvP realm we started there to enjoy RP. Now we realized it was a mistake by blizzard for the EU realm. We would like to transfer our chars from there to the only RP-PvP Realm Crusader Strike. We would even pay for it. But when I try to use my transfer token, I can’t enter a Destination Realm? Is that intended or a bug? Is it generally possible to transfer? I would be happy to get an answer for this. Beside that: Is there a possibility to get a free transfer for us paying customers, because of the mistake made by blizzard to tag the server type wrong in the beginning of SoD?


I don’t think transfers have ever been enabled on Seasonal realms until their end of life.

Hello Hospitaler,

There is currently no plan to have free or paid character transfers on Season of Discovery realms.

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Go again, it’s only 25 levels, and now you know where the runes are.

Would you consider that put some limitations on transfer such as after 7-day of a creation of char somehow to make that happen? In case some really dont wanna waste their time to level up the same class again in another realm but wanna play with firends in rlw.

We in our guild kinda have te same issue.

We all started on launch day with a lot of enthousiasme, but because there was no way to reserve spots for our guild, the server was locked before everybody made a character.
We are now devided over the two realms which is still causing friction right now.

Character transfer would allow our guild (who always stayed together (classic>tbc>wrath>sod even with server transfers over this path) to remain together.

I took a day off to level a lot. 25 euro is less money then my holiday that i spend on this launch day and would therefor like to have the option.

It was also nothing i could do to prevent this from happening, yet we are now the ones sitting with the frustration.

Please take a look at what is possible so our invest time and enthousiamse is not lost and no longer hurts our guild


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Just to avoid any confusion, Customer Support isn’t in charge of how services (or the game) work. If you’d like to provide feedback on this, please do drop a suggestion for our developers:

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So why are you selling transfer service to sod players then?

I bought a transfer for sod and there was no notice all purchasing process. So you are literally selling a product which is not working. Not fair, i feel im being robbed…

A small warning would be nice. You are selling a car but aren’t telling people this car doesn’t work in rainy days…


SoD is launched inside of Classic Era realm list and they can use transfers, that’s why they are sold on the shop there.

If you want your money back, open a ticket and ask for it.

The in-game shop is available for the Classic client, which includes Era, Hardcore and SoD realms. We do not have the ability to disable the shop on specific realms.

We have an FAQ that you can open directly from the game (if you mouseover the Character transfer option, you’ll have the description), which then provides more information.

If you purchased a Character transfer and are unable to use it, you can request a refund from the website directly:


Me and my brother started playing season of discovery in a RPPVP server, but we didn’t talked with our friends before so we started on a different realm both our character and theirs are high level and we don’t want to start over so my question is that do you consider character transport. It is really bad that I can’t play with my friends because of this stupid mistake.


You did read this, right?

You will have to start again on their realm.

Why do we have to discuss about server transfers anyway? Its 2023. Many Games and Word of Warcraft itself has shown, that the Server construct is just a dated construct. Why not Build a MegaServer for PvP and one for PvE. So nobody has to trans and everybody can play with his friends.


Or just one single megaserver with war mode on/off.
Just kidding.

At the current state, you have stolen my money.
If I want to make a transfer and the shop allows me to buy this service, then it implies that I should be able to do it, but only AFTER paying you realize that it’s not possible.
No alert, no notification, nothing! So, if you were honest, you would disable this option in the system of delivery (SOD); it’s a matter of fairness, nothing else.

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If you feel they have stolen items or funds, your next step would be to report them to the Police.

But they haven’t, so the Police will just laugh at you.

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You could just do a refund.


This really sucks. I accidentially started on a pvp realm due to my friends. I thought there was only 1 SoD realm at all. When I realized that there is a PvE (Normal) realm, I bought the transfer since the FAQ states character transfers are available for classic. Then it did not work, I needed to beg for a refund and my character is stuck on a pvp server. Congrats for this user journey!

Maybe you should have consulted with your friends before starting.

I don’t believe the last Seasonal realms had inter-seasonal realm transfers either.

Anyway, getting to level 25 in a month is very easy. You can even do it multiple times.

What a wonderful idea, started in nov on living flame , now my friends cant join me and i can’t transfer to another server

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