Character transfer trouble


Hi there! I’m trying to transfer this character from Al’Akir to Frostwhisper. I’ve paid and the transaction says completed, but the character has not transferred. I’m a little worried as I actually wasn’t asked which realm I wanted to transfer to, and now after reading a few other questions I think I might have selected one by accident.

My question is, how long will it take to transfer? Also, if it transferred to the wrong realm is there a way to change it seen as it didn’t actually ask me which realm I wanted to change to.

Thank you!

(Saneko) #2

Usually it can take up to 24 hours before the payment is finished processing, should something have gone wrong: Don’t login the character at the realm but make a support ticket here explaining the problem and they’ll be able to refund you so you can try again.

You could take a look at your recent transaction history to see if it was the correct order as well:, it’s awhile that I’ve done a PCT myself but new ones should appear there I think.


Hey Aluna,

Looks like this has already been resolved through an in-game ticket. :slight_smile:

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!