Character unplayable, stuck in blizzard support loop

I was clearing Tomb of Sargeras on my shaman, when my character fell through the floor and died. I’m locked in combat so can’t release, buttons are grayed out. Nothing seemed to work (exiting wow, relaunching, etc) so I used an unstuck service which briefly failed and sent me a feedback survey to fill instead.

Whichever support route I try it all leads to the unstuck character option - which is a dead end for me. The second time it sort of worked - my character is still dead, still in combat, but is now just inside Tomb of Sargeras rather than stuck under the floor. I suppose it might get booted out during the reset next week? I’ve tried searching for a way to contact a GM but that seems a lot harder to do these days.

I’d appreciate some advise on the matter, thanks.

In general, your character should be kicked out when the instance closes itself after some inactivity.
Something around 30 or 45 minutes.
That’s how it worked before.
But nowadays, the system is so buggy… No one really knows how it works.

Ask someone to join your group and you should be able to resurrect.