Chat system lag

Hey there. I am posting this because it’s an issue that has dire effects on my server and because I haven’t noticed much discussion surrounding it.

So, here goes:

For several days we’ve been noticing an ever increasing delay between writing something in the chat and it appearing in the actual chat window and to other players. This seems to intensify in the evening, but given how the queue times have decreased over the last couple of weeks, it seems unlikely that sever overload has anything to do with the problem.

The chat delay is cumbersome, especially because it makes forming groups to do dungeons nearly impossible, not to mention loot distribution during raids.

I am appealing to whoever is responsible for keeping the chat system functional to look into the matter and provide an explanation as to why this is happening.

You can’t play the game without the chat system.



What he said. This made me not playing wow for a while because i cant get groups for dungeons. Really frustrating.

It’s the honorspy addon which sends thousands of chat queries to synch up honor data from all players which is causing it. People need to stop using it until blizz finds a fix or bans it.

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This is by far the most gamebreaking issue/bug I’ve ever seen in this game, Blizzard really needs to sort this out ASAP.

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