Cheating hunter went from 48-60 while being reported multiple times

Dwarf hunter Propst went from 48-60 (he is farming golden pears(30-50g a pop) while killing naga in Feralas in the cave on the Isle of dread) . Reported him multiple times with the ingame feature, wrote to a GM directly (i went under payment issues cause its one of the rare ways you actually get to talk to one), and nothing f*++ing happens. Went back today after 2 weeks to maybe make some gold and i see him f*++ing botting again (he started playin after being killed 2 times). Ive got screenshots with him at lvl 50 and now 60 2 prove it (if anythin can actually be proven with scrn shots) and blizzard rly doesnt seem to give a flying f*** about it…its f***ing disgusting…if you are reading this you lowlife scum i hope your account gets permanently suspended

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