Chimera (Alliance) is lf more allies for Mythic Nyalotha

Chimera guild is looking for players to join our raiding roster to start Mythic Progress Raiding. Aerie Peak and Bronzebeard.

We use in game calendar for events and invites, and a community chat for communicating. This means you don’t have to leave your current guild / friends behind to have fun with us.

Currently we raid on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 14.30 realm time and end 17.00 realm time (day time raiding for European players). “Our” current progress is 12/12 HC Nyalotha.

If you are a mature minded player who wants to have fun feel free to contact me in game Gigs#21665, or whisper me to my main Grimard-Bronzebeard. Alternately you can contact Faler-Bronzebeard, Cheradenine-Bronzebeard, Rissa-Bronzebeard, Danray-Bronzebeard.

We are looking for mostly DPS players, but also tank and healing specs are being considered and welcome.


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