Choose favorite for log in screen

I think would nice for we choose log in for sceen for our favorite.
Since they had many screens.

I loved Classic, TBC, Wotlk and Cata. I could every switch screens
Disliked Wod, Legion and BFA. Since look boring.

What do you think? Choose log in screen would good?


The original for sure. Wotlk was pretty nice too, though.

I liked the Classic, WotLK, MoP and Legion log in screen.

The screens so far…

World of Warcraft

The Burning Crusade

Wrath of the Lich King


Mists of Pandaria

Warlords of Draenor


Battle for Azeroth


WotLK, Cata and MoP are equally good. The rest are hot garbage.

I like Legion

Vanilla, TBC or Wrath. Rest are a bit meh

I would love to choose which login screen, it gets really dull to hear the same music and see the same animations for 2 years straight every expansion. Love TBC, WotLK, Cata, MoP and WoD ones.

I remember Blizzard have replied about this subject and they said that the login screen should only be for the current expansion. Though that was a long time ago (about 10 years) and development teams have shifted so perhaps they can rethink it.

WOTLK except for sindragosa’s roaring. Always had to type my password fast.

I still cannot find anything that beats the Classic one in terms of surviving the test of time.
The music was also not super loud at start which made it easier on the ears compared to TBC, Cata, WoD and Legion.

As about the absolute worst login screen… I think BFA is by far the lamest one.
Why are the walls of Lordaeron the main cover of the expansion? The chamber of the heart With the Tenebrous gateway in the middle would had been a better concept art

Wotlk for various reasons, but i appreciate the fact that other loading screens don’t have an undead dragon screaming everytime you launch the game.

God i can still remember me suddenly lowering the sound of my PC after hearing sin’dragosa destroying my eardrums… Played on a WOTLK Pservers for years and that loading screen isn’t something i’ll forget anytime soon

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Originally Deathwing was also screeching all the time like that then they nerfed his voice.

3 Likes nice to check an.option that every login different screen would appear. Or you could choose your favorite

Few things ever made me regret turning the sound up more than this tho :

Used to play on a good ol’ family windows XP, wouldn’t see the login screen before it started screaming e.e

Cata was manageable in comparison.

(loved the music tho, especially if you stayed afk for a while)

This has been requested many times over. And it’s one of the few things that I hope to see some day.

I think I would burst into fond tears if I met the WotLK log-in screen everyday. I’d love the choice to keep it.

I’d take the first one for sure, always gives me that warcraft vibe I used to die for when I was a kid

Probably WotLK’s, with the view of Ice Crown with the occasional Frost Wyrm swooping by with frost breath.

Cata’s 2nd.

Wotlk was nice for 5 seconds until the dragon started screaming its lungs out.

My favorites are the original/tbc and mop.

It’s probably nostalgia :slight_smile: I miss the original music, for example. However, the simplicity of the original log-in screen… you can’t beat that.