Choose Your Own Gear in Dragonflight Season 4

First I thought its going to be a good idea, but then I have noticed that PvEers and PvPers will choose different Sets. I think you should create seperate Sets for PvP and PvE. This voting wont make us Happy since the PvE Community is way bigger. Please reconsider this decision.


There is 38 specs in this game right now
that’s just specs if you want every spec to have CHOICE
there is going to be 114 tier sets to balance around PVE/PVP
That is impossible i know people want CHOICE but i would like to play season 4 in a reasonable time


Worst idea ever. People are gonna troll with the poll, release a new tier ser or people just will skip next season.

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Repeat after me: I will not be rigging the vote, for Classes that i’m sharing my Raid token with

EDIT: BTW this is weirdly close to what i sugested months ago, only difference is this is a vote, coincidence? I think not!

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As much as I want to like this community approach, it just feels bad for pvp players, since the voting will just result in what is best or most fun for pve…


Most people are voting for the worst tier sets just to have people fight each other. Lazy idea imo

All sets should be put on a vendor (using tokens). This way, everyone could pick what they like, and what is best for the content they do, without anyone else deciding it for them. That would be a real choice.

I feel it would be more popular than the “let other players choose your gear” approach.


remember grimrail m+ it was a troll vote :rofl: good choice to let players vote. look at the steam awards who won ^^ rdr2 and starfield for most innovative and updates

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Hey Ion, it’s me, Tiklix.

I was wondering who came up with this idea? Wasn’t the universally accepted opinion at Blizzard HQ that player opinions are terrible and are to be ignored at any cost?

You shouldn’t listen to all feedback, or feedback of the majority of players. The majority of players are awful, don’t understand the game and don’t know what they’re talking about. Worst of all, they’re opinion sponges, they soak up anything any given influencer tells them and regurgitate said opinion.

You shouldn’t not listen to player feedback at all either. It’s your job to sift through the opinions to find those that have merit and improve your game based on your own beliefs on what makes the game better (as long as you play the game yourself, obviously not a lot of people working on it actually do that) as well as those opinions that have merit.

You should not give players more reason to despite each other.

Have you ever read through a regular forum post about “m+ vs raid gearing” where both sides just yell at each other how much easier and better they have it?

You’re creating more reasons why players are unhappy with each other. PvP players want different sets than people who primarly raid, who want different sets than people who primarly play m+.

All in all, the idea of listening to player feedback is a great idea and I applaud you for coming up with it, after 6 years of working as a game director, but the idea of listening to a majority vote, one that is once again decided through a forum vote, on a forum that roughly 1% of all players even visit, is incredibly bad.

That being said, this is obviously already set in stone so any feedback given now will be, as usual, ignored, even though everybody and their mother is telling you that this is a bad idea :slight_smile:


i would say give us some better defensive cds pls baws? and make storm spec viable change it up then we can play both

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Yeah I do not see this going wrong in anyway at all. It’s not like we do not have a similar system in the game where we could choose powers based on gear. What a shame it would be to reuse that idea and let players choose their own set bonus.

The best option is having no set bonuses at all, so characters will be playable since season start.

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This is amazing, thanks for doing this.

“Democracy” is how we got Grimrail Depot.

Hot take, but I didn’t find Grimrail that bad. Although it was terrible for quaking.

This is a terrible idea overall.
I am one of those players who does not do any PvE content nowadays. I only do high end arena and PvP in general.
The Season 3 set bonus for enhancement shamans as well as elementals shamans is by far the best for PvP activities. In previous seasons you would not even use tier sets for high end PvP for shamans.
If season 1 or 2 set bonuses will win this vote poll, then players alike me are screwed again for an entire season.


Pity we can’t have new sets designed. Seeing as season 4 has no new raid, it’d be an interesting chance to let those set art designers go wild and design outfits based on themes from whatever the dungeon rotation for mythic+ is. They could be styled around creatures/places from the Dragon Isles and/or whoever’s featured in the story for 10.2.5 and s4 (if there is anything there at all). Or hell, maybe even missed opportunities for styles for the previous raids.

Druids could have a Decatriarch/decayed treant set, or Druid of the Flame set.
Shamans can have something resembling Smolderon.
Warriors can look like djaradin.
Priests and palas can look like Timewalkers.

These are just a few ideas, but it’s just a pity we’re getting low effort in terms of the set appearances.

Personally I found it embarrassing that a multi-million dollar company has no desire or time to work on something new and has to use these strategies to keep the players quite

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This will be a huge issue because PvPers and PvErs want different bonuses. Many of them are completely useless in PvP. Just let everybody choose ingame, put all tier set bonuses on vendors and option to choose bonus while making tier in catalyst.


Why do we need to chose and vote for set .
Can you not just scale up all sets and let players mix and mash whatever they want ?