Choosing between desired Loot System Group Loot, Personal Loot, Master Loot

Hey all.
i would love to see any advancement in this direction.
Raiding with only Group loot available feels off when playing with randoms, especially when forming raids with random people through the dungeon finder. Personal loot would be beneficial in this scenarios.
On the other hand, Group loot for Guild runs feels good and fun for casual guilds.
And for guilds that are more progress orientated: Master looter would be the desired function.
Since every of this systems is allready ingame, it is time that blizzard enables a toggle button for group leaders. Why not give those options back to the players and let them decide freely which system they like the best. Would be a win win for Blizzard and the Playerbase. There are a lot of people that feel disencouraged with the current loot system only available for use.

How you feel about it? Text me a reply =)
xoxo Glast

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Personal Loot and Group Loot is the same system technically. Personal Loot = Groop Loot, when everybody press need automatically and dice roll happening behind the scenes, only showing the winner in the end. In my opinion Group Loot was a mistake, because showing roll “competetion” between players creates frustration and toxicity, but brings almost nothing in return.

Master loot could be very helpful for guild runs without need to overcome Group Loot with addons, so would be nice to have it back.

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As Fivegeese said, it is technically the same system.

The problem is that players think the other is better, when it is changed they then vehemently advocate for the other system - this flip flopping has happened already.

PL will grant better suited gear if it falls your way though, but in the end it will remain a RNG is RNG thing and players will whine if they don’t get their upgrade within 1 week.

Let me clear it out for you. It seems you don’t understand the differences between those 2 very different systems.

Group loot: you get a shared pool of item drops and roll with others for those non spec specific items.

Personal loot: Every single person rolls for the chance of obtaining an item, when successful, you get a spec specific item.

Those 2 systens are essentially different and i hope this clears it out for you

Group loot /= Personal loot.

I dont mind capping PL groups to max 2 main dps class and 2 non main dps spec per raid, but it has to return.
I can understand that people disliked class stacking and wider variety of classes /buffs should always outweight the factor of class stacking.
BUT this can not be THE reason why it got removed and stealth replaced with group loot.


You guys must be giga delusional if you think personal loot and group loots are similar :
Ask the 150k hunters who played DF Season 1 how raszageth bow story went :
Only 1 or 2 hunters maximum per raids so you had more chance to get the bow, and yes the bow could drop even if they were no hunter in the raid,it could never happens with PL.
I killed the boss 30 times and saw 0 bow in vault or group loot ,i spent 10 to 13h every week on hc ras because only 2-3 hunters were allowed per raids.
People rolling need on tank trinket on first boss,or dathea melee trinket as hunter because why not.

Group loot favorite more single classes or greedy leaders that will do everything they Can to avoid stacking classes on similar tier tokens or weapons,and you have the Audacity to say this is similar to PL?
With group loot,you can spend 3 months without any items,or get 5 in a single raid.
With personal loot and Bad Luck protection,you were guaranteed to at least get something every x time.
Group loot is the most garbage system that exist for pickup content ,and i Hope they will revert if in the future.


I agree, but in LFR for instance there should be mandatory personal loot.
Raid leaders shouldn’t be able to change things in that situation.


Someones flagging the posts on all their alts because they’re upset with differing opinions setting the facts.


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Rclootcouncil problem fixed

Considering those replies, there is nothing i would want to discuss furthermore. As stated above, I’d appreciate a wider spectrum for looting rules in general. The game would benefit. More options are always welcome.
Wishing you a nice season start. Xoxo

To be fair, while group loot and personal loot are similar, I think it would be best for personal loot to return for PUGS. And no, it is not for the amount of loot.

The main difference between group and personal loot is that personal loot is group AGNOSTIC, while group loot forces certain group requirements (I am aware that blizzard introduced this knowingly, but after that much time I think personal loot had more benefits).

To give an example: Pugs with no rogues/hunters could still see multiple ranged weapons/agi daggers drops, which feels bad.

I think the default should be for pugs to have personal loot (with all the old restrictions), with a choice to unanimous vote to convert for group loot (so that it cannot be abused by instant switch) for pugs that want it and guilds.

Now for group loot and master loot I believe there is 0 need for that, since you can replicate master loot with group loot (you just have all drops traded to 1 person and he distributes it). The only difference is that with group loot all members must have the same intentions (mostly happens in guilds).

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This isn’t only for pugs. In guilds and communities people also just raid with their main char.

Personal Loot all the way.

50+ boss kills here(Normal+HC), and got 2 loot that i currently dont use since i was forced to farm 150 M+ and got better loot from there.

With an average of 1.7 loot per 10 kills (there is math about it somewhere) i would get 8-9 items. im pretty sure i would have something usefull from these loots. i should NOT be forced to run 150 M+ in 2 weeks just to keep up with everyone else.

Also in some groups you have like 10+ people needing on the same item which makes it
impossible to get loot.

Imagine in Classic wow with Soft-reserve i was gearing up faster that this. Most of the time you had 3-4 people rolling on same loot not 10+

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