Christmas gifts/ pet lovers

Greetings my good people!! As maybe some of you saw me spamming trade chat last 2 days, i decided i will post it here too!
I am giving away free pets for christmas, and all you need to do is send me a mail so i can send you pet.
Why mail?

  • Because i get spammed with whispers i just cant catch em all!
    -Its easier for me to see which ones you have and which you dont as its easy to see if i already sent someone pet or not.
    -Also, im wrapping them so i can make someone smile at least for a sec :slight_smile:

I think this is a good way to get to more people, also i gave away some mounts thanks to Arcurial who kindly gave them to me for giveaway! Also, my best friend Melanysa gave me mount for giveaway!
***Also id like to thank player Melphere and Mistnogun for donating a bunch of pets, and lets just say one kindy ROGUE who was kindly enough to sent potions and pets, he insisted to not write his name)))
****all the players that sent pets in return and stuff too <3

+If you are not interested in pets ill do Garn-Nighthowl farm so if anyone dont have that mount hmu via mail ; JUST MAKE SURE YOU WRITE YOU WANT GARN :)))
Happy HO HO HOlidays!


I see you on my realm trade chat and I think you’re an amazing person! I’ve also received a pet from you and you’ve brought some Christmas cheer to this person so thank you! I wish you a very merry Christmas xxx

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Im so glad to hear that, and thank you for letting me know :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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