Chromie time

If I want to lock my Exp gain to experience all the chromie time campaigns, what is the best level to do it? I heard mixed things like 57 or 58 being too late triggering a quest to go to the dragon isles making disabling chromie time.

I don’t know.

I see a recent comment on Wowhead saying that Chromie summons you at 59.

Even if that is (still) true, it doesn’t mean that Chromie will still offer you a choice of campaigns to switch to at 58.

The official support page is no help.
I gave it an Unsatisfactory rating, but since there is no way to explain why it was unsatisfactory, I doubt that anyone will get the message. :frowning:

Maybe someone who has investigated it recently will be able to answer.


Having said that, I strongly suggest that you change your plans.

With the pace of levelling these days, ANY ONE of the expansion campaigns will get you from 10 to 60, just by questing through it.

Doing multiple expansions on one character strikes me as a waste.

I would recommend making a separate character for each expansion. It won’t take much longer, and at the end you will have experienced not only different expansions, but also different classes and races and specs, and at the end, you will have multiple level 60s to chose from to proceed into Dragonflight! :smiley:

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