Chromie timelines question

Hi all,

I’m a bit confused about the timelines and where to quest for levelling.

I rolled a nelf lock and started from scratch in BFA. I’m now lvl 40+ and was sent to talk to Chromie. I selected the legion timeline bc i wanted to check out the warlock class hall, but i’d like to keep questing in the BFA areas. Can I do that without any xp penalty? Is it possible to stay in BFA until 60? I currently get 5-7k xp per quest in Shadowsong Valley, idk if that’s normal for this lvl range.

I don’t know why you were sent back to talk to Chromie. Do you remember? Something about riding or flying, maybe?

Yes, you can just go back and level till 60 in BfA.

5-7k xp per quest would be about right is a level needs about 200K XP. Typically, 40 quest-XPs per level should be about right at mid-levels, I think.

Hm, not sure, I think it just popped up when I hit 10 (I started in Exile’s Reach which took me to SW around that lvl).

Yay! Great, thanks for confirming. That’s what I wanna do, and skip Legion and any other optional timeline. With the speed of levelling I’ll be 60 in no time, and there’s still plenty to do in BFA!

Aaaaaah! That makes sense. I thought you meant it popped when you were 40+.

Yes, all level 10s get the quest to go to Chromie and choose a timeline. You don’t HAVE to do that; all EK and Kalimdor zones scale to 30.

But Chromie will start you off on whichever expansion you like, anytime from 10 to 58.

Bon Voyage! Enjoy Kul Tiras!

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