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So I have started with the lore from the beginning. I just finished read the first Archive book (Of Blood and Honor, etc.). But I had the feeling something is before these stories, something that starts explaining the creation of the world.

So after some research, I noted that there seem to be the Chronicle volumes which are the very first explanation of the WarCraft universe. I have seen a lot of ‘chronological order lists’, but they aren’t the same. So I have a couple of questions:

1: Are the Chronicle volumes the very first starting point of the whole lore? As in, when you read this you understand the creation of the WarCraft world and have a starting point for all the lore to come?

2: Is it true that after the Chronicle volumes (some people stop at chapter 5? Why?), the next books to start with are:
Of blood and donor
Day of the dragon
Lord of the clans
The last Guarding
War of the Ancients (trilogy)
Cycle of Hatred (after this the chronological order seems pretty clear)

3: Does reading the Chronicle volumes not spoil the stories and fun of all the upcoming books?

Thanks for the help everyone!

The Chronicles are THE lore BUT from the Titans point of view!

Blizzard have said they are deliberately biased to the Titans understanding / viewpoint of the cosmology and as Azeroth was ordered by the titans it’s “our” lore/history too so basically are the lore baseline.

What we have seen is that death and void have a somewhat different view of events…

The Chronicles have been a sort of history book or encyclopedic view of the Warcraft lore, as a whole. It has been retconned to be only Titan perspective, because the current writing team can’t uphold continuity nor abide by what has come before.

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Chronicles are a good way to start. They seem rather objective. It saves you alot of money if you buy them instead of the novels. Golden and Knaak are very biased in their style.

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