Chyrus is the closest to "Kyrian ideal" of all

So far, it seems this guy embodies the Kyrian best. True to “the Path”, but as from the “memories” world quest, he too has troubles, sometimes questions, or does not fully understand why things happen. And what does he then do? He chooses to meditate, reflect, and find his own answers rather than expecting someone else to provide them and just jump on a different bandwagon the way Devos did.

That’s why Lysonia could not break him. Because the “true Kyrian path” works, as long as you find your answers yourself, rather than expect the entire system to cater to you when something unsettles you.

Chyrus is not a “blind follower”, he only chooses to focus inward rather than outward.

That said, he still had an idiot ball forced in his hand during the cinematic, and just stood there instead of trying to help Devos out…


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