<Circle of the Moon> Calling all Nethergarde Heros! <Alliance>

Nethergarde Alliance

We are opening up our doors and inviting future friends and heros to join us on our adventures through dark dungeons and epic raids here on Nethergarde Keep! Preperation commences for upcoming content in which we invite YOU the Hero to join us in this journey, allowing access of the highest finery taken from ALL bosses currently conquered by the raiding team. From firey depths of Molten Core to deep into the heart of the Black Wing and Nefarian himself, our heros have vanquished and defeated all that have stood in our way! But yet we still look for a few with certain abilities to enhance our guild and face future foes that may threaten Azeroth.

Warriors of Fury we call upon you!, Holy Paladins of the Light proudly step forward! and to those that dwell in the dark and shadow, Rogues and Warlocks we ask respectfully for your services. With these specifics we strengthen our army and charge into battle for upcoming content!

We raid 3 evenings per week from 19:30 Server time, Monday, Wednesday and Sunday, lead by experienced Raid teams using Discord voice servers to help and guide through dungeons and raids.

Discord Sign up access allows us to plan raids in advance based on your availability and we currently ‘cross guild raid’ allowing raids to continue if numbers are short.

Loot is fairly rolled for with Main>Off spec raiders and access to ‘ALL’ the game has to offer with clears from Onyxia, Molten Core and Black Wing Lair.

Please contact any member of ‘Circle of the Moon’ and they will direct you in game to our recruitment team and details to our Discord channel!

For the Alliance!

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