Claps for blizzard MW monk unplayable in pvp for a whole expansion

After playing in season1 i quit the game for a year and MW is still unplayable. This is insane.


if you dont play on elite level or close to elite, mistweaver is ok

Fun fact with only 2.1k rating you can be in the top 20 MW players EU. MW is not ok.


The worst part is that no hotfixes will help here, as what we need is utility. Any % buff (and that’s all I would expect, if anything) will not change anything.

Maybe as a simple hotfix they can put song on a different school of magic, so it can be used to bait kicks and will make easier to land CC… But not sure

All blizz need to do is give back old way of the crane. I dont get it why they removed it, it wasnt even broken… it was just a decent spell for pvp and fun gameplay.

Giving it back would fix a lot of the problems MW-s have rn. It would give a way to deal with stuns and a lack of offensive assist.

Not just WotC they need give back FB being usable while in a stun. Or simply have included immunity to stuns while Chi-ji is summoned. Now wouldn’t it be lovely if Ch-ji provided immunity to everyone in a 20yd radius - man that would be gorgeous.

It would be lovely if Chi-ji had a 1 min cd and worked with SCK like WotC…

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