Clarifying the process for unlocking mechagnomes

Because it have the same requirements as Void Elf, Lightforged Draenei, Nightborne and Highmountain. Neutral reputation and achievements~ or at lest was supposed to
because we cant unlock it.

Its a good thing for Alliance considering declining population of this faction :rofl:

I really don’t understand this comment. ALL of the Allied Races from Legion were unlockable to both the horde and alliance from the respective factions.

Aka, Alliance could unlock Highmountain Tauren from their Alliance mains while Horde could unlock Lightforged Draenei from their Horde mains.

The only thing that’s different this time around is that Vulpera are locked behind a horde only reputation, which is NOT what this topic is about, at all.

Dammit! Just did the second half of Mechagon dungeon as I thought Id get the achievement coz I killed King Mechagon…apparently you need to do both halves so Im locked out until tomorrow! :frowning:

Hope the first half is more fun then the second. Just boring bosses that are pretty faceroll and mob/terrain mechanics to slow you down and presumably make you think its longer and more exciting then it is!

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Kelsey Steelsparks doesnt show up for me D;

Will add myself to the list.

I can go to the Embassy, pick up the quest and go to the fountain in Boralus where there is NO Kelsey

There really shouldn’t be any confusion. The fact that you feel the need to come here and explain how to do it shows you fail at game design. You see, things are supposed to be fun to do and not a confusing broken mess of wrecked up garbage.

I’ve honestly had jobs that were less of a broken mess of complicated crap than these unlock things - not just mechagnomes either. You had a perfectly good system where players buying an expansion got new races but nooooo, you wanted MORE MONEY so you put in rep grinds and half-assed unconnected achievements and chores and work and meta-bollocks and now look.

Bugs. Lots of bugs. On top of chores. Fantastic.

Just to repeat what I posted in the other thread:-

I had a response from a GM saying it’s a bug and the Devs are working on it.

They also said some managed to get it to work after unlocking Mechagon on their Alliance character but the Alliance I was on already had Mechagon unlocked so I’m trying on a different Alliance character. I will report back if I have any success.

I’ve just logged in and both my Mage and my Paladin can see Kelsey in Boralus now. I have done nothing other than go away and have dinner and come back.

Go eat people! That’s clearly the solution :joy:

Maybe it was hotfixed?


Yeah I just finished the questline but earlier today I was also stuck. Had dinner, spend time with the wife, came back and could start the quest.

Think they pushed some buttons and it works. :stuck_out_tongue:

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