Class and Raid Tuning -- 24 March

probably because nobody is playing it?
even if they put a chest in the room instead of the boss, i wouldn’t even enter it.
So boring, so unrewarding - a damn slog.
At least they nerf it so it will not take 3h to clear? xD


It’s the thought that counts.

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I’m sorry but I laughed so hard at that. Balance? I am sorry but regardless if I enjoy SL there is no balance between specs whatsoever. Just look CN mythic logs.


Because it was overtuned since the beginning with not enough gear dropping too. We also had overtuned bosses in previous tiers but at least you could overgear them to compensate for lack of skill and design mistakes; now the problem of overtuning is simply more obvious.


Normally I don’t like mid tier nerfs but progressing mythic Stone Legion Generals is such a miserable experience so I’m all in for these nerfs.

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Hell yes! I can be even more OP now with my AOE!

Is this how future raids are going to go as well, where you nerf it almost every week for the whole season? It doesn’t feel good for the players who beat it when it was still hard mode.

I’ve beaten Dena HC before the nerfs and I felt it was severly overtuned compared to previous last bosses.

Now I’ve beaten it after the nerf and while I feel that it is now a bit undertuned, I do not feel bad that it was nerfed…

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They need to decide if they want heroic raid to be accessible or the gateway to mythic, instead of changing their minds mid-season.

Heroic IS the gateway to mythic. Blizzard saw that mythic was clearly overtuned and nerfed the bosses progressively when enough groups were able to progress them.

Consequently when a part of the mythic raid was nerfed we got HC nerfs as well.
Now that the last outstanding mythic boss was nerfed to an acceptable level, the last boss of heroic was nerfed as well.

Gl with that, devs don’t know what death strike is.

What compensation? It was nerfed because it was stupid broken in pve and its still among the best melees in the game in damage + their utility is incredible. Nerfing it to the point where it is now instead of leaving it broken for a whole expansion was one of their best decisions when it comes to class balance.

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Yep, Unholy looks perfectly fine to me:

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Lately I’m getting a lot of notices as FDK when I’m out DPSing UHDKs. People are surprised that FDKs cought up with UH and can easily surpass in cleave fights.

WW needs more single target buffs. DK does triple ww dmg on single target

The most pathetic class tuning changes I’ve ever seen given the current state of the game.

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In PVE yes, in PVP they offer nothing.
They used to be better AOE pressure than Frost, but even Frost does better AOE pressure right now.

The problem is that most bosses are packed with too many mechanics that are complex and can easily lead to cascading effect. (For example SLG fight: add stunning you when you just got wicked blades and spikes coming. Its almost certain death as healers are busy running away while you are getting massive damage. I had happening it twice in a single fight. First time I IBFd, 2nd time just died.)

so when will the class tuning be over? on the end of the expac? so you can start tuning the next one?

Not renewing my sub.
when the classes are finnaly balanced (if that will happen) il be back to subscribe.
hire some testers with the money people pay.

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Everyone’s idea of perfect balance is nerf all other classes and buff mine.

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