Class Balance/Viability

Ok , first of all i play an Enhancement Shaman , which is usually not a META class at any time in WOW’s History.

I choose to play this Class/Spec as i like to be different and more importantly , i enjoy it.

But after the 25% nerf to all Enhance abilities , im worried about my favourite class.

I think Dragonflight is a make or break Expansion for me personally , i know i cannot have another 2-3 years of being overlooked , not wanted in any High end game activity , and im talking pushing M+ keys to 25+ , and being brougbht to a raid cos i can supply WF totem only. when id rather feel good about my damage also.

Spending 3 hours looking for an high key and being declined over and over again - simply because the usual suspects (warlock,mage,monk,warrior,rogue) are always good.

And im not , just my feeling at the moment…

yeah if not an bloodlust class have fun afking in q, if your not an meta dps good luck afking in q, sadly enhancement bringing very little utility outside off dps/incaptotem meanwhile an ww does better dps, brings an physical buff, has an aoe stop, better defensives in karma/diffuse. There is an reason people prefer meta comps

I would love to know how Blizzard cam up with this NERF , i mean have they sat in Oribos (or the new city in DF) and tried to sign upto a high M+ key - just to be declined over and over again for hours and hours.

I even came up with a name for it - Decline Simulator. its great fun…

I mean we live in a world were they have vast amounts of data , and yet again i feel i will spend a whole expansion on the trash heap.

If this happens in DF - i will just quit the game , i SHOULD NOT BE FORCED to play a meta spec i dont enjoy , just to be invited.

Well nobody is forcing you to play meta besides yourself, of course if your not an meta dps and pugging content have fun afking in valdrakken, if you want to play off meta picks you better have some friends or others to do organised content with

Why would i ever accept an enhancement shaman over an WW, rogue,unholy dk,feral for that melee spot?

Feral? thats been terrible for years - its only just become good.

As you can see peoples perspective’s change according to the meta - a few weeks ago Survival was the only Mellee to get a look in.

Tell me you’re clueless about the game without telling me…

survival was only viable with the sepulcher tierset, without its one of the worst dps. Feral has been blasting for weeks now

but everyone had 4 set right?

And as mentioned fer al has been good for a few weeks - and you said it yourself.

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