Class trial issue

I wanted to do a class trial, but i get the error message “login is currently restricted on this character”.
The icon of my character, in the character list on the right is set to “processing… character boost”.

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Heya Shakra,

Boosts can take a little while to apply. This is rare and if you are still seeing issues, please delete the character and create a new character for the class trial. This is normally something isolated so it’s not likely to occur again.

So I have the same problem, and tried 4 characters and its always the same “Login is currently restricted on this character”. Below character names i have “Class Trial in Progress”, and “Apply Boost to Unlock”. That doesnt make sense if i had to apply boost it wouldn’t be class “trial”. None of the mentioned 4 chars had second of gameplay, since I cant log to them. Btw It was working for me like 2 weeks ago.