Class Tuning Changes- (Dec. 5th) : We saved SP!

Well there have been serious changes in PvP. Here is the one that has affected us ShadowPriests. It’s not clear to me if this is a VERY subtle joke or just pure teasing.

*** Priest
* All damage increased by 5%. Not applied to PvP combat.


still below a blue geared warlock. pvp got 8% still feels undertuned wetnoddles effects

https :// ← 20+ key
wheres the buffs?

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Love the 5s cut from PI to lessen the interaction with BIG strong cd based specs in game. Amazing. (atrocious part is that every little nerf to SP, even if was reverted, would still - based on your screenshot - put you below the warrior in said key) Because our new 4p forces you to play different talents, instead of 3 capstones, you’re using 2 and one of them ISN’T good. So you lost a lot of horse power already!!! Now add the nerfs and…
But yeah, lez nerf SP, because why would you know how to balance your game? And no, Im not just throwing out flame etc. The feedback on Spriest in 10.2 forums when beta was goind was INSANE. People who love Shadow to it’s core gave so much valuable points and arguments against changes, provided good solutions, the forums were blooming with ideas. But all we got among all the bad changes and nerfs was the mentality of: “We think you spam too much button X so instead you will spam it less, to help button bloat” thats the stupidest part I have read in a long while to reason a “QoL change” that’s actually a flat nerf. Because you still press the buttons mentioned above, you’re just not getting the shiny button proc in between that often, LOL. :rofl:
So here we are, at the bottom.

every class has a 1 button aoe lazy win meanwhile lets remove mind sear after screwing it up making it cost insanity instead of being a filler like mind flay.

Game devs dragonflight 10/10 craptastic.

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