Class Tuning in Progress – 16 December

  • Aimed Shot damage reduced by 5%.
  • Arcane Shot damage reduced by 5%.

Guys, i dont know, what data you do have, but every MM i encountered pulled 8 to 20k crits with Aimed and Arcane shots.
5% nerf isnt even close to what should have been done.


Dampening change is good too btw for 2v2, it will encourage healer+dps teams more rather than zugzug all in teams (rogue-mage / rogue-rogue / retri-rogue / boomkin-dk) and alot more…

Combatant troll assault, beware

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i will never understand why so many people have no patience… it’s the second week after Raid and M+ release… now there is so much more logs than there will ever be on a beta or ptr… and i’m sure that there will be much more tweaks to some classes in the next weeks… just relax and let’s see where we all are in a couple of weeks… itemlvl scaling and all these things will be hard to tune perfect in this early stage…

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The bot farmer chicken should be nerfed a lot. Like 50% nerf in aoe. Its already used by Bot users for Herbing etc, at least make them level another class for “” aoe farming 24/7"

Come on guys , show some love for mages please . Three dps specs all mid to bottom tier in raid . Frost is literally bottom tier raid and m+


Could you please stop nerfing classes in PVE due to PVP imbalances? tnx for ~10% boomie dps nerf, I guess it’s time to reroll? :confused:

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Is there any chance you might look at 2h frost in PvE? It is in a very bad spot at the moment. Even dual-wield could use some help, but 2h needs a -lot- of help.

Could you maybe make MotFW make FS apply Razorice?

Fix PVP!! Look at your past when was BETTER.

Upper middle of the pack is not “looking bad”, the logs aren’t properly representing it because according to warcraftlogs, about 80% of the DKs that killed Denathrius so far are playing Unholy. Frost is totally fine.

this would be a bit problematic in PVP but it’s a fun idea lol. I’d rather have KM additionally affect FS again but that won’t happen either (and isn’t necessary, frost doesn’t need buffs)

DW with BoS is, but 2h needs help. It is lagging behind a lot in PvE.

2h needs something that will bring it up on par with DW without buffing DW as well.

I do not think it would be too problematic to be honest. 2h already uses rune of razorice in PvP to set up the Obliteration/Chillstreak burst as far as I am aware.

bye kyrian rogues, i wont miss you :slight_smile:
i am glad i picked faes


Blizzaard please buff Rets in pvp we hit like wet noodles!

Savix got glad on week 1
Just saying…

Im glad i stuck with my Arms warrior and unhinged legendary.

He’ll be probably multi glad before end of next week.

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He complained that it always takes him two weeks longer to get glad on retri, but not now apparently so ret isnt as bad.
At least i can entertain that idea.

His videos are funny though. He even started a “support group” for retri paladins :smiley:

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